Thursday, August 01, 2013

Natural Dye workshop Day 4

I had a busy day today, dyeing base colors of natural dyes. We did cochineal, madder, pomegranate, and Osage orange. The Osage orange was a special treat. The resident artist in the wood studio had some Osage orange wood shavings and gave them to use to extract the color from. 

Here is the gorgeous yellow we got from the Osage orange dye bath on my wool.

I had a chance to help grind some cochineal bugs into a powder and then extract the beautiful red color from it. Here are my dyed samples on wool.

We did a madder dye bath and got this nice strong orange color from it.

I explored some over dyeing at the end of the day and discovered that one two minute dip in the indigo vat made a huge transformation in the colors. I absolutely love them!!!!! This is the beginning of a color study of natural dyed yarns overdyed in indigo. I can't wait to get home and order the supplies needed to create my own indigo vat and get started.

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marshaleith said...

wow- I had no idea that natural dyes could be so intense.
Love your subtle dyes too!