Sunday, July 07, 2013

Sketching and Dyeing

I've been busily dyeing three strand Paternayan wool for this series of small tapestries that I plan to weave over the next few months. I've got a pretty good inventory of colors that will work really well in a series that deal with my passion of Fall colors in New England. One more dye session to achieve some lighter values of colors for the backgrounds and I should be ready to weave.

I recently bought an iPad to use when I travel but most of all to use as my sketchbook. I want to say "Thanks" to my artist friend Sue Bleiweiss for recommending an iPad app for my sketches. It is called Paper by 53. I spent most of yesterday learning the tools and making some sketches for this series of tapestries. Here is one of them that I plan to use as my cartoon for the first tapestry.


Elizabeth Bennett said...

Looks downright yummy (a word I shudder to use, but those colors just pull you in). The Paper by 53 cartoon is lush, a bit softer than the b/w sketch but I like that! Need to check out that app myself!

Vicki said...

I know you will really enjoy that Paper app by 53. Be careful! It can become quite addictive. LOL