Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Natural Dye workshop Day 3

Today was a day full of glorious color. 
Here is a so-so picture of my five step value gradation of the indigo on tapestry yarn. The picture does not do the yarn justice.

Dye baths were done today using cochineal, ground up from the actual bugs. What an amazing process, with rich color yield. The fibers are sitting overnight, so I will have pictures tomorrow. A bath using cutch was also done. Both of these dye baths have samples of cotton, silk, linen and wool for the class to share and bring home for reference,

Late in the day several of us put yarn and cloth in the cutch and cochineal exhaust baths. These will of course give a lighter value of the original bath, however the color is still beautiful.
                  Cutch is shown above
             Cochineal is shown above

I decided to make a dye bath using madder, so that I could complete the Tencel warp and weft that I brought. It was done at a 5% depth of shade, so it is a medium value. My plan is to apply two different mordants to it, ferrous and titanium, to alter the original color of the madder. Ultimately this is a way to dye just one color but get numerous others in just two processes. I hope to have this done by the time we finish class on Friday.
             Madder is shown above

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