Saturday, June 08, 2013


Over the past few months I have been missing weaving on a loom. I decided that tapestry would be a wonderful form of woven textile to explore, so I bought a 12" Mirrix loom. I can weave a piece 9"W x 22"L on it, which is perfect for the limited time I have to work. I like small format tapestry and plan to use my own hand-dyed wool in a series, once I learn the basics of tapestry.

I am currently learning tapestry from an on-line course developed by Claudia Chase from Mirrix Looms. This class is offered on So far the course is very well written, with PDFs to supplement the video portions of the class.

Below is the beginning of the 6"W sampler that I will work on, through the lessons. I have warped the loom, added a twined edge and woven the header, in preparation of working with color. More to come soon.

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