Sunday, June 23, 2013

Finished Tapestry

I finished my tapestry for the online course, learning many techniques. I've got some problems with the width, that didn't appear obvious on the loom. I guess this is all part of learning a new art form.

Now it's time to design another tapestry! I did this quick sketch last night and now I need to work on it a little more and decide what colors to use and which techniques will provide the right effects. This new work will be 8" x 8". I am really looking forward to doing some color blending to add some visual interest. The dye pots have been busy, preparing numerous colors of Paternayan 3 strand yarn to use in future tapestries. I think this design might also be best done by weaving it sideways, due to some of the strong verticals. Then it will be displayed, orientated as shown.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tapestry - Second Section

I finished the second lesson of my online tapestry course. This new section, from bottom to top, introduced me to weaving chevrons, triangles and blocks of different shapes, all bordered by a couple of different styles of soumak knots.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pine Needle Basket

In addition to my new love of tapestry, I have returned to basketry and creating three dimensional form.  I used to make and sell my baskets at craft shows back in the early 90's when I lived in the state of Washington. Now I am approaching the basket as a piece of sculpture, exploring the materials in a more contemporary way. 

This pine needle basket was made in a recent worship that I took with Jean Poythress Koon. Jean is a great teacher and just had the honor of one of her pine needle baskets juried in to the Small Expressions exhibit, sponsored by the Handweavers Guild of America. My basket has an oyster shell in the base, followed by randomly using marsh grass and pine needles, stitched with artificial sinew. I plan to make more of these and also try dyeing some of the pine needles.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Tapestry - first section

I enjoyed this first section of my sampler, where I learned the following techniques:
Wavy Lines, Weft Interlock, Pick and Pick, Soumak Knotting and Slit Tapestry. As I worked through each section,  I thought about how that specific technique might be used in my first body of work.

One thing I need to do is buy myself a sketchbook and start working on some drawings that can be used as the cartoon for the next tapestry, after this sampler is completed. I may not draw that well, but the rough sketch is all I need to provide the shape. After that it is the choice of color and creating shape that will make the piece successful.

Saturday, June 08, 2013


Over the past few months I have been missing weaving on a loom. I decided that tapestry would be a wonderful form of woven textile to explore, so I bought a 12" Mirrix loom. I can weave a piece 9"W x 22"L on it, which is perfect for the limited time I have to work. I like small format tapestry and plan to use my own hand-dyed wool in a series, once I learn the basics of tapestry.

I am currently learning tapestry from an on-line course developed by Claudia Chase from Mirrix Looms. This class is offered on So far the course is very well written, with PDFs to supplement the video portions of the class.

Below is the beginning of the 6"W sampler that I will work on, through the lessons. I have warped the loom, added a twined edge and woven the header, in preparation of working with color. More to come soon.