Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tapestry Cuffs

Here are the two tapestry cuffs woven on my Mirrix loom. The colored yarns are hand dyed silk cords. The cuff on the left used two weft yarns throughout the weaving, blending colors together to create a rich cloth. The other cuff introduced me to 5 different tapestry techniques, using a single weft. I really enjoyed this one and look forward to doing more tapestry on a larger scale with wool yarns that I have dyed.

Claudia Chase, owner of Mirrix Looms, is currently working on a new online tapestry course, which I will definitely take. Meanwhile, my next project will be making another bracelet where I learn to warp the loom so that there are no warps to finish off when the piece is taken off of the loom. I am extremely interested is this technique, because I ultimately want to weave a series of 4 selvage wedge weave tapestries, inspired by the work of Michael Rohde.

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