Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mirrix Bead and Tapestry Loom

After a long hiatus in the studio, my creative spirit has returned. I bought this Mirrix Bead and Tapestry Loom, after seeing an online class offered by Craftsy, called Bead and Tapestry Cuffs. I love jewelry, miss weaving and thought that this would be the perfect match for me.

I chose the 12 inch wide loom, so that I could weave my bracelets and eventually try some tapestry. The total weaving size is 9"W by 22"L. The loom is very sturdy and well designed. The bracelets do not need a shedding device, but there is one to add to the loom when I get ready to try some tapestry.

My online class consists of many different styles of bracelets, the first one is called the Affinity Bracelet. Using a combination of tapestry and bead weaving, I wove my first example using a hand-dyed silk cord, with an asymmetrical pattern of adding the beads. My next post will show the completed bracelet, which has a twisted plied fringe and peyote stitch bead clasp. This type of closure allows anyone to wear it, which is a feature I like.