Monday, September 28, 2009

New Felt

I am back to my studio after numerous weeks of finishing up odds and ends, as well as moving to a new apartment. I discovered this picture during a workshop held at PRO Chemical & Dye two weeks ago. One of the students, Liz Anderson, brought it for a source of inspiration to dye fabrics. Well, I saw it and immediately asked if I could make a copy of it, to use as inspiration in my work in felt. I absolutely love the compostion and glorious colors!

I was very lucky to have had all of these fibers in my stash. I gathered a variety of merino wool, dyed cheesecloth, china silk and silk chiffon to create my felt.

Here is my interpreation of the lichens laid out on bubble wrap, ready to felt. I used cheesecloth dyed orange with MX dyes, silk chiffon dyed in greys with WashFast Acid dyes, and china silk dyed in a chartreuse with MX dyes.

Here is the finished piece of felt. I decided to add a little bit of an organic shape to it, which I think works well. Now it is time to start hand stitching the lichens and rock texture. I am going to use the Sorbello Stitch, featured in one of Jan Beaney's monographs, for the lichens. I am also going to try using a variety of silk and wool threads and yarns to create that texture of lichens that I love so much. I will be posting my progress on this, as the weeks go by.