Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Handspun Yarns

Here are the two latest yarns that I spun. The first one is a Superwash Merino Wool and Alpaca blend that I purchased from All Spun Up. It was dyed on a grey heather blend and ended up with producing a beautiful, rich yarn.

This is the resulting yarn from the roving pictured above. I got 400 yards of fingering weight yarn. It should be just enough for me to make a small shawl/shoulderette. The superwash finish makes this yarn a perfect choice for a washable pair of socks, but I love this yarn so much, that I don't want it on my feet. I want it to be more visible.

I bought this custom wool blend from Copperpot Woolies. It is called Autumn Splendor. I love the combination of golden yellows and purples.

The handspun I got from this roving is probably some of the best I have ever done. I got 600 yarns of a light fingering weight yarn, just right for knitting lace. I found the perfect pattern to use with this yarn. It is a shawl with leaf shapes in it. Plus I found some beads that I will knit in, along the stem part of each leaf. So as soon as I finish the Wensleydale Scarf I recently posted, I am going to start knitting this shawl. Watch for pictures this weekend!

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bockstark.knits said...

WOW! Those are both AMAZING yarns!!! Can't wait to see them knitted up!