Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Monotypes on fabric

All of these were done with PROfab Opaque Fabric Paints, using a piece of heavy plastic versus plexiglass. I love the immediacy of monotypes. These fabrics are all beginnings for small textiles that will have more collage and/or hand stitching for embellishments.

Glue Transfer

I used a black and white photo-copy, colored with oil pastels, and then glued it to fabric. I really love the results of this process and look forward to using more of my own photography in my new work.

Joan Schulze workshop - Non-Traditional Quilting

My recent workshop with Joan Schulze at the North Country Studio Workshops in Bennington, Vermont was fabulous. We explored numerous ways to design using the xerox machine and then worked to create cloth by directly printing on cloth in the xerox machine, glue transfer and monoprinting. These three techniques have definitely helped me to work in a more abstract manner and is the beginning of a new body of art work.

Pine needles on a saran wrapped protected xerox machine, with a detail.

This was achieved by a number of layers of images, collaged and then directly printed on tan cloth.