Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hand-Dyed Yarns

Hand-Dyed Yarns, originally uploaded by vickijensen.

In preparation for some hand stitching I plan to do on some of my felt pieces, I spent some time dyeing wool yarns. I prepared three different wool skeins to go in the dye bath together: 3 ply Paternayan crewel yarn, grey 3 ply wool and white 3 ply wool. I chose 30 colors from my WashFast Acid Dye Notebook. Each set of three yarns went into a small plastic dyebath, where I could dye 10 at a time in a boiling water bath. Ultimately I ended up with 90 skeins of color to work with!

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Karoda said...

Absolutely salivatingly gorgeous!