Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hand-Dyed Yarns

Hand-Dyed Yarns, originally uploaded by vickijensen.

In preparation for some hand stitching I plan to do on some of my felt pieces, I spent some time dyeing wool yarns. I prepared three different wool skeins to go in the dye bath together: 3 ply Paternayan crewel yarn, grey 3 ply wool and white 3 ply wool. I chose 30 colors from my WashFast Acid Dye Notebook. Each set of three yarns went into a small plastic dyebath, where I could dye 10 at a time in a boiling water bath. Ultimately I ended up with 90 skeins of color to work with!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Winter Sweater

Winter Sweater, originally uploaded by vickijensen.

I was a bad girl! I discovered a new yarn store in my area called Eva's Yarn Shop. Eva is a wonderful store owner and has an incredible selection of yarns!!! Well, as I walked around the store drooling, I came across this huge bin of hand-dyed yarns from Schaefer Yarns. I spotted this color palette and immediately fell in love, even though I can dye my own yarns. It is 100% wool in a slub yarn and knits up beautifully. I found a pattern for a cardigan style jacket in an old issue of Interweave Knits that was a perfect match for this yarn. Over the weekend I knit one front and currently I have half of the other front done. Even though I have several unfinished knitting and spinning projects, I am on a mission to complete this sweater from start to finish (especially when one of my employees threatened to steal it from me, if I didn't finish it). LOL!!!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Finished Sock

Finished Sock, originally uploaded by vickijensen.

Here is my first sock! I have not washed and blocked it yet, but it fits very well. I plan to get the other matching sock done within the next week.