Sunday, September 30, 2007

Weekend Knitting

Sock - Beginning, originally uploaded by vickijensen.

Here is the beginning of my new pair of socks. This superwash yarn is Regia Landscape from the Kaffe Fassett Signature Sock Collection. These yarns are self-striping and come in a yummy selection of colors. This palette is called "Earth" and I purchased it from WEBS. Check back later this week for the completed sock .

Thursday, September 27, 2007

First Bobbin of Handspun

First Bobbin, originally uploaded by vickijensen.

Here is my first two ounces of handspun on my new spinning wheel. I plan to spin another two ounces, then ply them together for a yarn to knit into a pair of herringbone lace socks, using a pattern in Ann Budd's book, Getting Started Knitting Socks.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Spiral Scarf

Here is the new scarf and a detail that I just finished, using a pattern from
It is knit from my hand-dyed yarn, using an 8 step gradation of WashFast Acid Dyes.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Birthday Present to Myself

Kromski Minstrel, originally uploaded by vickijensen.

After a long period of soul searching on what I really love to do in my studio, I came to the conclusion that I will always have a passion for beadwork, knitting and working with wool. I have tried numerous projects of working with cloth, but it is usually short-lived, bringing me back to one of the three hobbies above. So for this year's birthday, I decided that I would buy myself a spinning wheel to spin my own yarns to knit with. I taught myself to spin in the late 70's, first buying a Country Craftsman wheel and later an Ashford. With today's numerous selections in wheels, I finally decided on the Kromski Minstrel. The Kromski wheels are made in Poland and imported by New Voyager. I knew I wanted a double treadle wheel, but also wanted a wheel that was beautifully designed. The Minstrel was a perfect choice.

I bought the unfinished model, so I could select my own color finish. I chose an Early American stain and followed that with two coats of tung oil satin finish. I love the way it turned out. The wheel was also very easy to assemble. It has 4 ratios, depending upon the size yarn I want to spin and it treadles very smoothly. Spinning is very relaxing for me, and I look forward to the hours ahead, turning my hand-dyed wool and alpaca in yarns for my knitting. Next weekend, I am planning on dyeing wool roving to spin yarn for a pair of socks, based on one of the articles in the Summer 2007 issue of Spin-Off. Stay tuned for more on this project.