Sunday, August 19, 2007

Freeform Netting

Freeform Netting_1, originally uploaded by vickijensen.
This is the beginning to my new freeform netted bracelet. I did a beaded bezel for the Swarovski rivoli and will embellish the surface of the finished bracelet with both that and faceted Swarovski donuts that are shown. Check back later this week for the finished bracelet.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Vacation in Acadia National Park

Mister Robin, originally uploaded by vickijensen.

This small robin was one of the highlights from my recent vacation to visit Mt. Acadia National Park. My sister and I went to Birdsacre - a rehabilitation refuge for injured birds. We saw lots of birds of prey there, but this robin was the most special. We could hear him in this tree, making lots of chatter. Then he flew down, trying to land on my sister's head. It turns out that the staff had recently released him into the wild, hoping he would survive on his own. Due to his human interactions, he just loved following us! Toward the end of our visit through the refuge, all of a sudden he saw us again and came and landed on my shoulder. While he just sat there, squawking in my ear, I yelled for my sister to come and get a picture of us! I will post that picture as soon as I receive it from her.