Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Monotypes on fabric

All of these were done with PROfab Opaque Fabric Paints, using a piece of heavy plastic versus plexiglass. I love the immediacy of monotypes. These fabrics are all beginnings for small textiles that will have more collage and/or hand stitching for embellishments.


Deb H said...

Very COOL stuff Vicki!Love it!

Hey, I just noticed you live in Fall River! My DH is from New Bedford, & has family in Fall River!

Judy Rys said...

Love your monotypes on fabric. Would love to see the finished pieces.


Kelly said...

How do you like the ProFab Opaque Fabric Paints? I'm starting to play around with fabric paints but really don't know where to begin. Great site!

Vicki Jensen said...

Kelly, thank you for visiting my blog. The PROfab Opaque Fabric Paints are wonderful! They are nice and creamy - perfect for printing and stamping with. You can get them at www.prochemical.com
My monotypes were done on a piece of clear vinyl versus a piece of plexiglass. I like the vinyl because it gives me more control over the paint and allows more options in printing.