Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What a night!

My recent move has allowed me to walk to work, which is great for a number of reasons, but not last night! Despite a fairly well lit street, I stubbed my toe on one of the seams on the sidewalk and fell forward on the cement. I spent 4 hours in the ER, from beginning to end, to make sure that I had not fractured my hand or knees. Luckily there were none, but I am staying home from work today to recover.

This seems like the perfect opportunity to find a "one day" project. So, I think I will go find a small amount of hand dyed yarn and knit. Working with beads would have been my first choice, but I don't have enough mobility in my right hand to stitch today. I should be able to just rest and knit. I will post my project later.

I still cannot fingure out why I can't log in to Blogger like I used to, using my Google Account. I always end up with a blank box when I sign in. I always get to my account in a very round about way. None of my links work either, like spell check. I wish I could find an email address or 800 number for tech support.

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DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

I hope you are feeling better. Yesterday blogger was down for a long time. Today I am having problems login, leaving comments and I was unable to use spell check. It is not just you having troubles.