Sunday, January 07, 2007

I'm Back!

My move went pretty smoothly. I love my new space! The roughest part was bringing everything up to the third floor!!! I have taken my time unpacking and getting the house set up. This weekend I spent time in the area for my studio, getting my extensive book collection unpacked and in the book case. Man!!! I have way too many books! Can anyone relate to me? LOL!

For all of my yarns, I found this wonderful storage system at Target. It consists of wire grids that snap together in cube shapes. I designated one whole wall for my storage of yarn and cloth.

For Christmas, I got a DVD titled Freeform Knitting by Colleen Davis. I really enjoyed it and will definitely use it as a resource to bring my knitting to the next level. Meanwhile I need to finish a few other projects.

In 3 1/2 weeks I will be on vacation in Bennington, Vermont studying with Joan Schulze. I can't wait!!!


The Lone Beader said...

Hi Vicki! Glad to see you back!! I hope your holidays were great! =:)

Vicki Jensen said...
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Vicki Jensen said...

If anyone reads this, can you send me an email to and let me know how I can log into eBlogger directly and update my site? I can't even find a way to contact them to solve this problem. I updated to the Beta Blogger months ago and try to log on with my Google account.
Thanks for your help!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Hi Vicki....ok, on the beta blogger thing, I think you need to log in to Google with your e-mail address as your username????

When I log in to my beta blogger I click on the B icon in the left of the blue bar, then click on "log in with Google" then my name and password appear (at some point in the obscure recent past I clicked the "remember me box" somewhere).

Sorry this isn't more's annoying, isn't it? The new blogger keeps leaving people's messages with "no reply" which drives me NUTS... if you need me, I'm at but I'm afraid I may not be much help. I'll be around tomorrow morning after w*orking out though...if you can call from work, I can try to talk you through what I do on the phone if you think that might help....

Cheers? Sarah