Sunday, October 01, 2006


I had the wonderful opportunity this week to study with Els van Baarle, an internationally known batik artist from the Netherlands. She taught a 5 day workshop at PRO Chemical & Dye. I have long admired her work and feel so fortunate to have gained new technical skills to create some layered textiles, in my new body of work.

Here are the first three step by step progression pictures, using one of my deconstructed screen printed textiles.

The beginning fabric, waxing areas that I wanted to retain,
after I soda soaked the cloth.

I dye painted an olive green MX dye in selected areas.
After it dried, I waxed out additional areas.

Then I painted a brown MX dye and waxed more areas.

Tomorrow I plan to wax out the brown areas and add a purple.
Visit later this week to see the finished cloth.

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jackie said...

I have found your blog for the first time and enjoyed your interesting posts, especially re felting and batik.