Sunday, September 17, 2006

Feather Series

Here are fabrics I created earlier this week, when working in my friend Janet's studio. I just love this process of screen printing and have discovered so many things through this unique process. I will be using this technique to continue my new body of textiles.

The Feather series was printed using a screen prepared with sea gull feathers that I gathered along the beach, during one of our walks earlier this week. Where they were impressed in the thickened dye, allowed them to print first, as the remaining dye and its texture broke down with each pass of the squeegee.

Detail #1

Detail #2

Each one is similar, but as more and more dye breaks down, the next print changes in both color and pattern.

I love the halos that occur around each shape as the solid areas of dye act as a resist and the outer edges break down and print.

I plan to collage these on a dyed or painted linen ground cloth and then embellish them with hand stitiching. My plan is to hang them, so that they drape as a textile. Presentation is always the most difficult part of the process, especially when I really don't see these being finished into an art quilt. Although, things can evolve in mysterious ways!

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