Monday, August 28, 2006

Dimensional Wool

Here are some step by pictures showing the progress on a new piece of wall art that I am working on. I found this 100% wool fabric at my local fabric store. It has a fairly loose weave structure, so I knew it would full up pretty nicely.

I bought some smooth river rock at A.C. Moore's and randomly placed them under the fabric and tied them with rubber bands, until the whole piece was wrapped.
Then I used WashFast Black 672 and overdyed the whole piece. What happened during the dyeing was that the fabric covering the stones stayed the original size and the remaining fabric shrunk and fulled. After removing the stones and rubber bands, I now have this wonderful dimensional fabric to work on.

My plan is to stuff the shapes lightly with fiberfill, layer it with a piece of black broadcloth and embellish the surface with stitching and beads. As I looked at the piece yesteday in my studio, I felt like I was on hike in the mountains, so I plan to use that thought as I stitch. This will take a while to finish, but I will show its progress over the next couple of weeks.


The Lone Beader said...

That is a very interesting technique, Vicki! I love the textures you achieved:)

Sarah Ann Smith said...

So that's what that was! WAY cool.... have been lusting over your wool pieces, and think down the line I'm going to have to play with wool and incorporate it (and more dimensional stuff) into what I do....

Thanks for getting me THINKING! (a miracle!)

Cheers, Sarah

Rayna said...

Yum yum, Vicki - what a clever use of nature! Love the look and can't wait to see what you do with it. Also can't believe I didn't know you had a blog - but now I'm all caught up with your posts since January.

The only explanation for how you have the time to create so many beautiful things in so many mediums -- and work, too, is that you are a well-organized Virgo.
Can I have some of that, please?