Monday, May 01, 2006

My first altered books

Here I am with my sister, Sue, working on our first altered books. We both had a great weekend together, trying new techniques on each section of pages.

My book, at the bottom, had a window cut out of it and then black acrylic paint applied to the cover and spine.

I tested one of my decorative papers for the window and then applied copper metallic paint to the cover and spine using a stipple brush.

Here is a gel medium transfer of a hummingbird. I love the soft, almost ethereal look to it. You can also see the test through the transfer, adding more depth to the page, along with little brads for texture.

I also began an altered book from a child's board book. I really like the sturdiness to it and plan to use the rubber stamp to the right as a background on a couple of the pages.

Please visit often to see additional pages in both of these books.

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