Thursday, April 27, 2006

Batik using Soy Wax

I have always wanted to try batik, however the fumes that are emitted and the work required to remove the wax and possibly bringing it to the dry cleaner was not very appealing. However .................. another fiber artist, Rayna Gillman, told me about using soy wax and I have now fallen in love with batik. Soy wax is a natural product, comes in flake form and has no odor. The best part to using it is that it comes out of the fabric very easily. I do an initial ironing between sheets of old newspaper, using my American Beauty iron (a great buy from eBay) and then the fabric is heated in hot 140F water with a little bit of Synthrapol.

This piece was done by applying different colors of MX dye, waxing out what I wanted to keep and then adding new colors in layers. When I finished, I crumpled the fabric to makes all of the fine line details, so typical of batik, and then dyed it a dark purple. Here is a detail.

I also wanted to try a piece that uses the traditional tjanting tool for line work and mark making. So I decided to continue with my "Nest" series. This piece will eventually be quilted into a small wall quilt, with more to come in this batik series.

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