Friday, November 24, 2006

No time for studio work

Oh my!!! It has been a month since I last posted. For those of you who visit often to see what I have been creating, I have started packing to move to another apartment and have found no time to get any work done. My studio is taking me forever to organize and pack. What an incredible collection of fabric, yarns and beads I have accumulated over the years. LOL!!!

The nice about about this move is that I will be within walking distance to work. My new apartment has three bedrooms and all hardwood floors. I am not too far from Mount Hope Bay for some nice walks to see the water.

I have finished knitting my sweater, made from my hand-dyed yarn. It looks great and as soon as I move I will be sewing it together. I want to wear it for Christmas. So that should be in a couple of weeks. Check back mid-December to see the finished results.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Vacation on Nantucket

Here are some of my favorite moments from my recent vacation on Nantucket with my mother and sister. Now it's time to return to the studio this week and get some work finished!

Looking through one of the windows on the observation deck
of the Whaling Musuem.

A weather vane seen from the observation deck.

Part of a beautiful Fall garden in front of the White Elephant.

I love cats! This one was enjoying an afternoon nap
outside of the Claire Murray rug store.

The lighthouse at Brant Point.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

New Reversible Star Bracelet

Here are details of my newest reversible star bracelet. This one is a little more subtle than the first one I made using Swarovski crystals. I used matte beads for the right angle weave base, to contrast with the star embellishments.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Local SDA meeting

We had a pot luck yesterday for Massachusetts SDA members at PRO Chem. What a fabulous time it was getting to know other state members and network. What eye candy we had for our show and tell! Everyone left very inspired by the work shown. We are planning a juried member show for 2007 and will meet again in the Boston area, the last Saturday of February.

I still have not got back to the studio to finish my latest batik. I am on vacation again this week, but this time on a trip to Nantucket with my mother and sister. I will post pictures next weekend, although the weather forecast may put a damper on plans for photography.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


I had the wonderful opportunity this week to study with Els van Baarle, an internationally known batik artist from the Netherlands. She taught a 5 day workshop at PRO Chemical & Dye. I have long admired her work and feel so fortunate to have gained new technical skills to create some layered textiles, in my new body of work.

Here are the first three step by step progression pictures, using one of my deconstructed screen printed textiles.

The beginning fabric, waxing areas that I wanted to retain,
after I soda soaked the cloth.

I dye painted an olive green MX dye in selected areas.
After it dried, I waxed out additional areas.

Then I painted a brown MX dye and waxed more areas.

Tomorrow I plan to wax out the brown areas and add a purple.
Visit later this week to see the finished cloth.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Details of Reversible Star Bracelet

Here are closeup pictures of what each side of my new bracelet looks like.

Reversible Star Bracelet

Here is my newest bracelet - the Reversible Star Bracelet. It is made using Right Angle Weave, which is then embellished with seed beads and 3mm Swarovski crystals. I used a beautiful Swarovski button for the closure. Side one is an emerald green color; side two is rust. This bracelet will go perfect with my sweater that I am knitting, using my hand dyed merino yarn.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Prints on Paper

Here are four prints that I worked on, simultaneously with the fabric shown earlier, but these were printed on Rives BFK printmaking paper. Each print was over-printed one time to make it more complex looking.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Deconstructed Screen Printing - Washers Series

This was the first of my series done this week, from a screen that I placed various sizes of washers on the thickened dye. I over-printed the entire piece, which in the end I decided was not the best approach. However, there are many small areas, as shown below, that can be cut up and collaged onto a ground cloth.

So much to do - so little time. LOL!!!

Circle Series

The screen for this series was made by impressing two different sizes of bubble wrap into the thickened dye, along with a plastic tray that had rows of circles on the bottom of it. I used various blue, purple, red and black thickened dyes on it.


Each of these four pieces were over-printed, rotating the screen to get slightly different patterns.

Feather Series

Here are fabrics I created earlier this week, when working in my friend Janet's studio. I just love this process of screen printing and have discovered so many things through this unique process. I will be using this technique to continue my new body of textiles.

The Feather series was printed using a screen prepared with sea gull feathers that I gathered along the beach, during one of our walks earlier this week. Where they were impressed in the thickened dye, allowed them to print first, as the remaining dye and its texture broke down with each pass of the squeegee.

Detail #1

Detail #2

Each one is similar, but as more and more dye breaks down, the next print changes in both color and pattern.

I love the halos that occur around each shape as the solid areas of dye act as a resist and the outer edges break down and print.

I plan to collage these on a dyed or painted linen ground cloth and then embellish them with hand stitiching. My plan is to hang them, so that they drape as a textile. Presentation is always the most difficult part of the process, especially when I really don't see these being finished into an art quilt. Although, things can evolve in mysterious ways!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Vacation pictures

Here is a collage that I made from my favorite pictures, while on vacation earlier this week, at my friend Janet's house. Her gardens are beautiful! We had a fabulous time working in her studio, exploring more of the deconstructed screen printing. I will be photographing my work today and posting them later.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Today is my birthday and I am now on vacation!!! I am visiting an artist friend, Janet Carlson, in New Hampshire for three days of creative fun and relaxation. Check back later this week for posts on what I have created in her studio.

As a birthday present to myself, I am going to attend North Country Studio Workshops in Vermont, January 2007. I will be studying with Joan Schulze.

I also registered to take Dorothy Caldwell's workshop, "A Book of Marks" at QSDS in June, 2007. I really love hand stitching and want to delve into this form of markmaking in my new body of textiles.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Deconstructed Discharge Printing

This past weekend I tried some deconstructed screen printing, after getting motivated from a recent workshop by Kerr Grabowski at PRO Chem, along with the booklet, "Breakdown Printing", from Jane Dunnewold's web site.

All three pieces are printed on commercial black fabrics. I plan to dye my own blacks and pursue this process on my own hand-dyes.

Cotton Classic from JoAnn's with a detail

Hoffman Black with a detail

Black linen with a detail.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Dimensional Wool

Here are some step by pictures showing the progress on a new piece of wall art that I am working on. I found this 100% wool fabric at my local fabric store. It has a fairly loose weave structure, so I knew it would full up pretty nicely.

I bought some smooth river rock at A.C. Moore's and randomly placed them under the fabric and tied them with rubber bands, until the whole piece was wrapped.
Then I used WashFast Black 672 and overdyed the whole piece. What happened during the dyeing was that the fabric covering the stones stayed the original size and the remaining fabric shrunk and fulled. After removing the stones and rubber bands, I now have this wonderful dimensional fabric to work on.

My plan is to stuff the shapes lightly with fiberfill, layer it with a piece of black broadcloth and embellish the surface with stitching and beads. As I looked at the piece yesteday in my studio, I felt like I was on hike in the mountains, so I plan to use that thought as I stitch. This will take a while to finish, but I will show its progress over the next couple of weeks.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Beaded Beads

Here are a couple of beaded beads that I did in a mini-workshop today. The one on the left was shaped over another bead, so you can see part of the color through the spokes. The right-hand one is hollow and has Swarovski pearls in it.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Potato Dextrin Cloth

These are two pieces that I did at work this week. I used potato dextrin as a resist, on a pale pink ground cloth. As the dextrin dries, the surface ends up looking like the crackle of traditional batik, only it is water-based and very easy to wash out - unlike wax. I then used PRO Chem's Boysenberry MX 802 in a thickened form to spread over the top and seep down in the crackle lines.

My plans for both of these is to make a small diptych in a Log Cabin type of construction.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

This humidity is awful!

Here is my cat Sadie, just sprawled out, trying to stay cool in this summer heat. I can't afford to keep the air conditioner on while I am at work, so the poor thing gets a little overheated durng the day. LOL!!!

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